Why does Demo Tracker not show my location accurately?

Why does Demo Tracker not show my location accurately?

Trakbond Demo Tracker does not track your phone's location. Instead, based on your phone's location at the time of registration, the Trakbond Demo tracker automatically decides your home location, nearest school and park location. It also creates safe-zone for Home, School, and Park.

Demo tracker will automatically move from one place to another throughout the day, and you will also receive safe-zone alerts when tracker exits/enters the pre-created safe-zones. Demo tracker gives you the experience of tracking your loved ones, before buying a real Trakbond device. 
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    • Trakbond app shows inaccurate location when the device is indoors?

      The GPS positioning accuracy is degraded by many factors such as satellite signal blockage because of buildings, trees, bridges, indoor, basement, etc. In order to show accurate location Trakbond device needs to receive GPS signals from at-least 4 ...
    • Can I use Trakbond GPS Tracker in the basement?

      Yes, you can use it in the basement. Just enable the LBS positioning feature to use it indoors where the GPS signal is weak.  Though we do not recommend location-based services (LBS) because of its inaccuracy, it can show you the approximate location ...
    • How can I check the tracker's alerts?

      The tracker's alert can be checked via SMS or in-app notification. You can customize the notification as per your need from the app "Settings" option screenshot depicting tracker's alert through SMS and app
    • Which LED light indicators shows that tracker is on charging?

      The tracker has three light indicators which shows whether the device is receiving proper GPS & GSM signals and if it is fully charged or not. When you put your Trakbond device on charging , GREEN, BLUE & RED light will blink simultaneously but after ...
    • How Can I Recharge my Tracker?

      Few weeks before the end of subscription period you will be notified via SMS/EMAIL about expiry date and asked to click on the payment link to recharge the account to extend the subscription. You may also login to your Trakbond account anytime and ...