Why did I stop receiving Safe-Zone Alerts after subscription expiry?

Why did I stop receiving Safe-Zone Alerts after subscription expiry?

If your account subscription expired due to non-payment and you recharged the account at later date, you need to recreate Safe-Zones to receive the alerts. We recommend you to recharge your account before the account subscription expiry date.

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      As per the Trakbond subscription plan, there is a monthly limit to SMS texts and alerts. If you've stopped receiving the SMS messages then you've to recharge your subscription plan.  Visit www.trakbond.com/pricing to checkout different subscription ...
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      In Trakbond Trail, you'll get the liberty to set the safe-zones in different two shapes and sizes. The small-sized known area is not recommended as you will receive frequent notifications about the unknown area and speed. It is best to set the ...
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      The Trakbond device uses GPS to get its location data from multiple satellites .The inbuilt GPRS SIM then sends the data to Trakbond cloud datacentre. The device needs to be connected to the internet to receive location updates and alerts of your ...
    • Can I reactivate expired subscription after a gap of few months?

      Yes, you can do that provided the non-use period is not more than 2 months.  After the subscription period is expired, you have to recharge the account within 2 months from the expiry date. If the account is not recharge even after 2-months, your ...
    • Are safe-zones available in the tracker?

      Yes, you can make multiple numbers of safe-zones in the locator.