What is the weight of Trakbond Trail & Trail+?

What is the weight of Trakbond Trail & Trail+?

The weight of the Trakbond Trail is 40gm and Trakbond Trail+ is 50gm.
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    • What are the technical specifications of your Trakbond Trail?

       Product name: Trakbond Trail  Dimensions: 40mm x 45mm x 25mm Weight:  40gm  GPS accuracy:  Up to 5meters Specific absorption rate (SAR): Below 1.6 W/kg (safe for toddlers, kids and adults) Battery life:  2-3 days (Battery life varies depending upon ...
    • How to switch on Trakbond Trail & Trail+?

      The switch on method is different for both the models: Trakbond Trail To switch on the Trail model, you've  to press the  3-4 seconds till the time Blue/Green light starts blinking. Trakbond Trail+ To switch on the Trail model, you've to press the ...
    • What is the difference between Trakbond Trail and Trail +?

      Usage: Trakbond Trail is specially designed for smaller kids (2 - 8 years) who have preschools/schools in proximity to home thus requires to be tracked for few hours (6 -8 hours) per day by the parents. Whereas Trakbond Trail+ is specially designed ...
    • Can I make a call from Trakbond Trail or Trail?

      Yes, you can make calls from one side in Trakbond Trail+ model by putting your own voice enabled SIM card in the tracker.
    • Does Trakbond Trail work the same in all locations?

      No. Trakbond trail receives the best signal in open areas like parks, schools, and roof where there is less hindrance. It shows real position with +/- 5-meter accuracy when receives the optimal GPS signal, however, in case of weak GPS signal, the ...