What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Trakbond device?

What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Trakbond device?

How accurate is GPS?

GPS satellites transmits their signals in space with a specific precision, but what you get on earth depends upon various factors, including atmospheric conditions, signal blockage, satellite geometry, and receiver design quality.

For an instance:

Mostly, GPS-enabled smartphones are usually accurate to within a 4.9 m (16 ft.) radius under clear sky. But their accuracy degrades near bridges, high-rise buildings, and trees.

Accuracy of Trakbond  Device

The accuracy of the device is +/-5 meters when the GPS signal strength is good.
However, the accuracy depends on various factors such as weather condition, number of a satellite connection, indoor/outdoor, surrounding high rise buildings etc.rakbond tracker make use of LBS positioning to send you the location updates of your kid. 
Though LBS has inaccuracy from a few meters to hundreds of meters depending on cell tower density, you can still get a rough idea of your kid’s location even when they’re indoors.

Why does Trakbond tracker sometimes show me in the wrong place?

The GPS positioning accuracy can be degraded by certain factors. Some of them include:

Satellite signal blockage because of buildings, trees, bridges,

Indoor or basement use

Signals reflected off walls or buildings

Wrongly drawn map

Radio interference

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      The accuracy of the locator is  +/- 5 metre. Certain factors like atmospheric conditions, signal strength and cellular network  also affects the accuracy of the device.
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      Trakbond device doesn't  show up on the map due to atmospheric condition or weak GPS  signal. Try putting the locator under a clear sky so that it can set its GPS location. It may need time up to 3-5 minutes to calculate its global position.
    • Can anyone track my Trakbond Device?

      No, only permitted users can receive alerts from the Trakbond device.  If you want, you can share the login credentials of your Trakbond account with your friends or family.