Trakbond app shows inaccurate location when the device is indoors?

Trakbond app shows inaccurate location when the device is indoors?

The GPS positioning accuracy is degraded by many factors such as satellite signal blockage because of buildings, trees, bridges, indoor, basement, etc. In order to show accurate location Trakbond device needs to receive GPS signals from at-least 4 satellites. But when the device is indoors (inside home, school, etc.), the device may not receive signal from any GPS satellites. In such cases, you might see slightly inaccurate location when the device is not receiving GPS signal.

If Trakbond app is showing location using LBS, "Mobile Tower" symbol will be displayed on Top-Right corner of profile icon in the app as shown in the above image.  if LBS Positioning is enabled, it can be disabled in mobile app from My Account > SETTINGS > LBS Positioning.   

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    • Does Trakbond work indoors?

      No, Trakbond doesn’t work indoors due to weak GPS signal reception. But once it goes outdoors it again starts the tracking process.
    • How do I activate my Trakbond device?

      To activate your Trakbond locator, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 1. First, fully charge your device before turning it on. 2. Then, go to our website and click on the sign-up button. 3. In the registration page, fill ...
    • What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Trakbond device?

      How accurate is GPS? GPS satellites transmits their signals in space with a specific precision, but what you get on earth depends upon various factors, including atmospheric conditions, signal blockage, satellite geometry, and receiver design ...
    • Is my data safe on the Trakbond device?

      ​ Yes, Trakbond uses secured cloud platform to store the location data of your loved ones. The tracker allows the access of a device’s data only to the permitted users. 
    • How to check battery charge percentage of Trakbond device?

      Battery charge percentage of Trakbond device can be checked on the Profile icon in the app. Battery charge level indicator is present on top left on profile icon. Profile Icon Battery charge percentage 100% Battery  80% Battery  60% Battery  40% ...