Is Trakbond Waterproof?

Is Trakbond Waterproof?

No, Trakbond is not waterproof but is water-resistant.
The device comes with a water-resistant silicone case that protects it from water splashes.
Be careful, while wearing it near water bodies as it is not made for use in the water and we also do not give warranty for water damages.

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    • Does Trakbond work indoors?

      No, Trakbond doesn’t work indoors due to weak GPS signal reception. But once it goes outdoors it again starts the tracking process.
    • Can anyone track my Trakbond Device?

      No, only permitted users can receive alerts from the Trakbond device.  If you want, you can share the login credentials of your Trakbond account with your friends or family.
    • What is the weight of Trakbond Trail & Trail+?

      The weight of the Trakbond Trail is 40gm and Trakbond Trail+ is 50gm.
    • Will Trakbond work in any country?

      Trakbond device comes with pre-installed SIM card that works all over India. If you are travelling to a different country for a limited period of time, you need to install your own personal SIM card with active GPRS plan and International Roaming ...
    • Where can I buy Trakbond Trail?

      You can buy Trakbond from our webshop i.e Our trackers are also available on various e-commerce shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart or Paytm.  But if you’re purchasing our device from other e-commerce sites then their sales and ...