How many trackers can I track from my mobile app or web portal?

How many trackers can I track from my mobile app or web portal?

There is no limit to the number of trackers you can track, you just have to be listed as an authorized user for each tracker. 
just install the app and login to the app to see the location of the device on the  live map.

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    • Trakbond app shows inaccurate location when the device is indoors?

      The GPS positioning accuracy is degraded by many factors such as satellite signal blockage because of buildings, trees, bridges, indoor, basement, etc. In order to show accurate location Trakbond device needs to receive GPS signals from at-least 4 ...
    • How far it can track any person?

      You can track a person anywhere in the world where mobile service is available.
    • Is there a way to change the subscription plans?

      Yes, you can login to your account via mobile app or web portal and browse the suitable data plan from data plan page as per your need.
    • Are your trackers safe for use for small kids?

      The specific absorption rate (SAR) of the locator is below 1.6 W/kg and is totally safe for toddlers, kids and adults What is SAR? Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is basically the rate at which electromagnetic power radiated from cell towers and ...
    • Can anyone track my Trakbond Device?

      No, only permitted users can receive alerts from the Trakbond device.  If you want, you can share the login credentials of your Trakbond account with your friends or family.