Does Trakbond work indoors?

Does Trakbond work indoors?

No, Trakbond doesn’t work indoors due to weak GPS signal reception.
But once it goes outdoors it again starts the tracking process.

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    • Will my Trakbond work anywhere?

      Yes, it will work all around the world where cellular signal is available. You’ve to take international roaming plan to make it work outside India.              
    • Trakbond app shows inaccurate location when the device is indoors?

      The GPS positioning accuracy is degraded by many factors such as satellite signal blockage because of buildings, trees, bridges, indoor, basement, etc. In order to show accurate location Trakbond device needs to receive GPS signals from at-least 4 ...
    • Will Trakbond work in any country?

      Trakbond device comes with pre-installed SIM card that works all over India. If you are travelling to a different country for a limited period of time, you need to install your own personal SIM card with active GPRS plan and International Roaming ...
    • Does Trakbond Trail work the same in all locations?

      No. Trakbond trail receives the best signal in open areas like parks, schools, and roof where there is less hindrance. It shows real position with +/- 5-meter accuracy when receives the optimal GPS signal, however, in case of weak GPS signal, the ...
    • How far will the Trakbond locate?

      Trakbond will work in all areas where network coverage is present. If your locator enters an area without GSM coverage, the GPS will not be able to give the exact location till it again enters a region with network coverage.